Saturday, October 22, 2011

WIA 2011 Haul

Well to say that “Woodworking in America” (WIA) 2011 was nice woodworking respite maybe a misnomer considering the crowd I ran with during the event.  It certainly was fun.  The best part was meeting up with on-line friends I met last year and meeting new friends attending this year’s WIA.  I just hope the APB runs out before WIA 2012. 

The second best part of WIA for me was the Marketplace.  Where else can you actually see and try the tools you see on-line and in the magazines.  Anticipating the deals, I saved my pennies and cashed-in at the event.  And now that UPS has made their deliveries - pictured below is my WIA 2011 Haul.

Going clockwise from bottom right I bought the following items:

1.         Veritas Inset Vise – I’ll use this in the other side of my split-top bench
2.         Great Bench Dogs Time Warp Toolworks was giving out in the Hand Tool School Booth
3.         Woodpeckers Mini Square
4.         Veritas Bench Blade
5.         Veritas Camber Roller Assemble for the Mk. II Honing Guide
6.         Bridge City KM-1 Kerfmaker
7.         Veritas Skew Jig for the Mk. II Honing Guide
8.         Lie-Nielsen Bronze No. 3 Smoothing Plane with the 55 degree frog
9.         Veritas Skew Rabbet Plane
10.       Knew Concepts Fret Saw with the Elkhead Tools replacement handle
11.       Veritas Plane Screwdriver

While all the toys are great, for those that haven’t made it to WIA yet I strongly recommend it.  It is the preeminent woodworking event on my calendar each year.  Each year it seems established concepts are challenged.  Last year it was Michael Fortune’s class on Bandsaw set-up and the myth of blade drift.  This year, it seems to be Adam Cherubini’s class on nailed furniture and its quite acceptable use in a variety of projects.  But while the classes are great and the Marketplace is dangerous, the best part is meeting new and old friends alike.  Here’s to seeing you there next year!

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  1. Nice Haul, Kyle. I'm looking forward to see you there next year too. And I won't call respite either. At least, not until we get to bed before 3:00 am.

  2. I love my inset vise, you're going to find it so useful!

  3. Nice haul. Please report back on the Knew Concepts saw, I think it may be time for me to ditch my dysfunctional antique.

    Also just to keep the record straight, the bench dogs were being given away by Time Warp toolworks but they were still in the Hand Tool School booth so you're half right.

  4. Wow..I never saw you actually buy anything! Nice haul! You'll have to let me know how you like the LN 3!

  5. Great haul! Man, that marketplace gets me every time. I even placed an order with Lee Valley after the show (plus show discount) for a variety of small things I "needed"

  6. Merry Early Christmas :) You walked away with stuff I have and like or stuff I was drooling on (so if you bought it after I got there, sorry... :)

    Shannon, you shouldda tried the saw at Lee's booth. Great saw. I lent mine to a friend and I've needed it a dozen times for odd things.