Wednesday, January 25, 2012

G&G Frames and WIA 2012

Okay it has been awhile…work, the holidays, my Wife’s’ birthday, our anniversary, and my Mom’s birthday have taken their toll on my free time.  To that end, I wanted to share some of my gift projects for this season.  They are both derivations on a theme; Greene & Greene frames that is.  The first are two picture frames for some prints we bought on trip to Ireland last year (Dyami was kind enough to reference it one the projects he recently completed for his Dad).  The other one is my Christmas gift to friends and family.  I used the same basic design (ref. Popular Woodworking #187 and “The Woodwhisperer’s” holiday calendar frame project) to build four G&G calendar frames.  All of these frames are from African mahogany with ebony plug accents.  All the joinery was done using Festool Dominos.  This used up my last stash of African mahogany.  And from now on I’m using real stuff.  Despite any snide comments from Shannon or any hand-tool enthusiast, African mahogany’s best friend is a drum sander.

On anther note, it has come to everyone’s attention that WIA 2012 will be held in two locations this year, Pasadena, CA and its old stomping grounds in Covington, KY.  I agree with most everyone in the blogging community that this may split the community.  Anyone who has been to a WIA or two knows the best part is reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones.  Sure the classes are great and the Marketplace is superb, but the best times are getting together talking shop, life and beer (not necessarily in that order).  So yeah, I want to go to the one where the cool kids are; but I fear that the east-coasters and west-coasters will spilt and that trolley will only be half-full next year.  Please visit to add your two cents.

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  1. Nice frame Kyle. Look on the brightside for WIA. Think of how many west coasters have never been to the show who now have nothing to complain about. Last year running a marketplace booth opened my eyes to just how many woodworkers don't know about the online community and how many "stumbled" onto WIA because of a newspaper article. Two venues may divide the crowd, but there are so many new people to meet.

    1. You bring up a good point. I believe I read a similar comment you made on Kari's Blog. And I thought to myself, I need to more of 1/2 full kind of guy...or this case twice as full.

  2. Those frames are awesome Kyle. I like how it's inspired by G&G without trying to replicate. Nice job.

    In case you were wondering, Shannon also moonlights as a motivation quote writer. :-) (well, maybe not, but he should!)

  3. Very nice Kyle. The G&G look is starting to grow on me.

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