Monday, March 19, 2012

Thoughts on my Next Project – Corner China Cabinet

After much deliberation with the finance and requisition committees, it was decided that my next project will be a Corner China Cabinet.  This will be the first project I will have an opportunity to blog about during the design and build.  For now, I have been searching and looking at various types and designs of China Cabinets for inspiration (or to find the perfect piece to rip-off).  Of course my go-to meme is Greene & Greene, but I may look at something a little more contemporary this time.  But before I can address the overall design, there are some preliminary issues I need to resolve first.

·         One door or two?
·         Do we need storage in the bottom of the cabinet?
·         How much extra support do I need for glass paneled doors?
·         What is the best way to add lighting?

I plan on starting with some SketchUp work this week to help narrow the options…so stay tuned

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  1. Just noticed the background picture. When did that go up? Oh that poor poor woman...

    1. Just a couple of days ago. I was going thru some pics and found it.