Thursday, April 19, 2012

Corner China Cabinet Design (and Dining Table)

Well, the Greene & Greene inspired Corner China Cabinet has morphed into two projects; a new Dining Table for our Breakfast Nook and the China Cabinet.  I believe I will start on the Dining Table first.  We just need something simple, so it should go fast (famous last words).  All of my kitchen cabinets near the Breakfast Nook are all maple and I would like to introduce some darker woods into the area.  So I have decided to make the table top out of cherry and the legs and aprons out of maple in a simple shaker style.  Below are the SketchUp models I have come up with so far.  Any and all comments are welcome.  


As for the G&G Corner China Cabinet, I still have a few issues to work out.  I may, or may not, need some embellishments on the side posts that become the feet.  And I’m still working out what type of hinges I want to use for the door.  For my G&G Jewelry Cabinet (see blog archive) I used SOSS hinges.  While I liked the incognito appearance and functionality, I found them quite fussy to install.  Call me a blasphemer, but I would really like to use some soft-close blum euro hinges for this.  I believe they would support the heavy door and could be adjusted down the road for any sagging.  But I don’t believe they make any models that would work with the design I have so far.  Please let me know if you have a solution or better idea.

I hope to get started soon and will post with updates.  Last weekend I purchased most of the wood I’ll need for both projects.  It has had almost a week to acclimate to my shop environment, so I will probably start milling the boards for the dining table this weekend.

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  1. Looks great Kyle....with all the fancy work being done all over the place, I still find I go back to Shaker style and like it more than other styles.

    Oh, and that short bus picture...that's classic, that poor girl...I forgot how uncomfortable she looked. :-)

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