Friday, July 6, 2012

Famous Last Words (and Dining Table)

Well, since my last post I have change jobs, bought two new cars, and my wife was away visiting her family for a month.  So needless to say shop time was non-existent.  But now that I’m getting settled into my new job and my wife has returned, I was able to get back into the shop.  So far I have completed the base of the dining table and glued-up the top.

While there is nothing earth shattering in the construction I’ll go through a couple of details.  The maple legs were tapered on the table saw using the Rockler Tapering Jig, which works fairly well.  I ended up making the tapper on the legs a little thicker than the SketchUp model.  No reason except it just seemed to look better.  Then aprons were joined to the legs using Festool dominos (two 8 X 50 dominos for each joint).  The mortises on the legs were placed a little lower than on the aprons to allow for a ¼” reveal.

The Top was glued up from 4 boards of cherry.  I again used 8 X 50 dominos per joint for alignment purposes only.  The overall dimension of the top will be 30” X 42” which should comfortable seat 4 and fit perfectly in our breakfast nook.  Next I will be dimensioning the top and cutting a 3” wide edge bevel on the bottom. 

At this point my plans are to stain the top after I pre-treat it with Charles Neil’s Pre-Color Conditioner to prevent blotching.  Of course, I will be making up some sample boards to dial in my finishing strategy and formula.

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